Installing LeoCad

LeoCad is a software to make 3D tente models. It works similar to MLCad and it's a good idea install both programs. Leocad runs under GNU/Linux, MacOS and Windows.

What we need?


  • Run LeoCAD.
  • To load the catalogue of pieces miscat.lcf select -> Pieces Library Manager -> Open.
  • Select File -> Save.
  • Close and open LeoCAD and changes will be effective.
  • If you see 3D tente categories but you can select for seeing pieces do this: copy pieces.bin and pieces.idx from leocad subfolder in file to folder where we've just install LeoCAD (this erase lego set of pieces, so you might copy in another place to keep them previously)



Or compile it yourself:

  1. Install git and the necessary libraries to compile QT code:
    sudo apt-get install git libqt5-dev zlib1g-dev
  2. Download the latest version of LeoCAD code in $HOME
    cd $HOME
    git clone
  3. Select the leocad folder, compile and setup:
    cd leocad
    sudo make install 
  4. Note the path of the parts library to run the software (we suppose you download Tente 3D pieces library  to $HOME):
    leocad -l /opt/ldraw/tente/
  5. Create a new text file with the Tente's categories, import this file with the options menu: View ► Preferences ► Categories ► Import

Tente - Jacenas=jacena

Tente - Baldosas placas=baldosa|placa Tente - Basico=:B Tente - Aire=:A Tente - Alpha=:F Tente - Escorpion=:E Tente - Mar=:M Tente - Micro=:C Tente - Ruta=:R Tente - Titanium=:T Tente - Ventanas=ventanas|marco|cristal Tente - Vehiculos=:V Tente - Etiquetas=etiqueta|etiquetas|EtiquetaTente Tente - Castillos=:X Tente - Ruedas=rueda | ( eje & !bisagra ) | ( agujero & !enganche & !baldosa )

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